PARADOR Trendtime 2

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Wine & Fruits on White, Rustic Texture

Wine & Fruits on Brown, Rustic Texture

Wine & Fruits on Black, Rustic Texture

PARADOR Trendtime 2 Range is uniquely different from other laminate in that the plank length at 850mm is significantly shorter, and the width at 95mm is much narrower than normal. Trendtime 2 is a Fantasy Range of designs that capitalises on this smaller plank size and delivers a floor or wall finish that, not only stands out from the crowd, but is vibrant and exciting. Plank thickness is 8mm.


Board Size:          850mm x 95mm

Thickness:           8mm

Rating:  AC4

Application Class:             32 – Heavy duty domestic and medium duty commercial

Guarantee Domestic:     Lifetime Factory Warranty

Guarantee Commercial: 5 Years

Edge Swell protection:   Full edge swell protection ensures reliability

Low board swell rate:     Swell rate of 10% or less (45% better than European standard)

Micro Scratch Resistance:            Surface particularly resistant to scratching

Antistatic:            Specially treated for reduced electrostatic charges

Backing paper:  Waterproof Moisture barrier fitted to back of board

Connection:       Parador patented Safe-LockĀ®

Underfloor Heating:        Suitable for underfloor heating Warranty

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