PARADOR Trendtime 6

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Lumberjack’s Oak, Rough-Sawn Texture, V4 grooves

Construction Timber, Rough Sawn Texture, V 4 grooves

Oak Castell Limed, Brushed Texture, V2 grooves

Oak Castell White, Varnished Texture, V 4 grooves

Oak Cognac, Matt Texture, 4V Groove

PARADOR Trendtime 6 Range is thicker at 9mm, wider at 240mm and significantly longer at 2200mm. This chateau style large plank design offers some highly realistic reproductions and finishes that are so good that it’s often difficult to distinguish between real wood and laminate, when laid on the floor.The size and surface texture of the Trendtime 6 plank is what makes this range so appealing. When laid on the floor Trendtime 6 is difficult to distinguish from a real wood surface.


Board Size:          2200mm x 243mm

Thickness:           9mm

Rating:  AC4

Application Class:             32 – Heavy duty domestic and medium duty commercial

Guarantee Domestic:     Lifetime Factory Warranty

Guarantee Commercial: 5 Years

Edge Swell protection:   Full edge swell protection ensures reliability

Low board swell rate:     Swell rate of 10% or less (45% better than European standard)

Micro Scratch Resistance:            Surface particularly resistant to scratching

Antistatic:            Specially treated for reduced electrostatic charges

Backing paper:  Waterproof Moisture barrier fitted to back of board

Connection:       Parador patented Safe-Lock®

Underfloor Heating:        Suitable for underfloor heating Warranty




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