New Laminate Flooring at Christelike Vereeniging of SA

One of our latest projects was at the Christelike Vereeniging of SA, in Monavoni, Centurion. The clients decided to replace old vinyl block flooring in the church hall, staircases, stage, kitchen, bathrooms and tearoom, with a new stylish and hard wearing laminate flooring out of our 8mm Floorlock Range.

Kitchen Floor- Plum- Christelike Vereeniging van SA

Preparation of the floor included removal of the old flooring mechanically with jack hammers, as it was solidly glued down onto the sub floor and impossible to lift otherwise. We then screeded with Tylon Self Levelling Screed, to get an even and level surface, and gave the floor 10 days to dry to below 5% moisture content.

Building in Progress -Hall- Christelike Vereeniging van SA

Phase 1 fitment, which included the hall, kitchen and bathrooms took 3 days to complete and the clients are very happy with the final outcome.

Phase 2 of the fitment to commence in a week’s time. The colour flooring that was used is the Premium Plum, four sided V-Groove and comes standard with waxed sealed edges for superior water resistance.

Bronze Anodised Aluminium Transition Strips Between Carpet and Wooden Floor